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Author Topic: Coolant flush on a 2.2 possibly applicable to other engines depending on layout.  (Read 2937 times)

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Hi guys.

Might be worth adding this to the how 2 guide for coolant flushing. This is applicable to my 2.2 and may well work with other engines depending on the layout. I did this changing from blue coolant to red coolant so I could tell if it didn't drain the radiator or anything. This just makes life much easier if you can't get the radiator drain plug out. The power of a Roman army wouldn't have budged mine. As usual make sure the engine is only warm at most when you do this. Do it hot at your own risk! You will need a bucket, hosepipe and a 5 litre bottle of antifreeze.

1) Look at the engine from the front. Cast your eyes towards the thermostat and you'll see a thin hose that goes from there across the front of the engine to the throttle body.

2) Get your bucket ready.

3) Unscrew the coolant bottle lid and drop the end of the hose in a little way.

4) Undo the hose where it connects to the throttle body. You might get a little dribble of water out depending on how much is in the throttle body and what the level in the bottle is.

5) Thread the hose backwards so it's in a straight line to the bucket. Tends to sit nicely in front of the bumper. Keep it upright otherwise the water from the thermostat upwards will want to come out. Point it into the bucket.

6) Start the engine and turn the heaters to max.

7) Now go and turn your hose on. You'll only need a dribble because it won't pump out that fast on tickover, just regulate it so it keeps the bottle full without overflowing. Leave it running until the water coming out of the hose runs clear.

8) Once the water runs clear, you need to add the antifreeze mix. It's a 50/50 mix and the 2.2 holds about 6 litres so we need to get 3 litres of coolant into the system.

9) Turn the car off and remove the hose pipe but leave the one from the throttle body pointing into the bucket. Start the car again and let the water bottle empty out. Switch off and fill with coolant.

10) Start up again and let that pump round until you get near the end of the bottle again. You should still be pumping clear water into the bucket.

11) Once you have about 2 and a half litres of coolant in, leave enough space to get another half litre in the bottle and reconnect the hose to the throttle body. Top up the bottle with antifreeze and hey presto, correct level of antifreeze in. It'll mix itself with the water fine.

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