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Author Topic: RAIN SENSOR RETROFITTING  (Read 7973 times)

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« on: 31 October 2012, 09:35:45 »

Here is how I retrofit the original rain sensor in to a '98 Omega.

I replaced the  original windscreen for a windscreen suitable for a rain sensor and heat resistant.

Because the prefacelift models do not have this option you have to make the loom yourself.

The starters kit.
Auto dipping mirror for rain sensor. Two relays + feet. The rain sensor + plug. A new stalk. Trim.

New windscreen with rain sensor.

Auto dipping mirror.


Adjusted for rain sensor.

I glued the two relays together and placed them on the base off the original wiper relays (take it apart).
In this way it is plug and play, if you remove this mod and put the standard wiper relay back you have normal wiper function.

Connection plug for the loom that will come from the rain sensor.

You have to make one extra white wire directly from the wipermotor.

The new rain sensor wiper relays.

Remove the old wiper relay and put the new one in.

New stalk.

With trim.

If you have a wiper stalk with a adjustable wiper wheel you have to make a modification.

Old wiper stalk.

You need a plug (it the same that is in the fuse box).

XC plug.

Place the wires in 4 and 6 for the right loop.


The original story (in Dutch)
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« Reply #1 on: 02 December 2012, 10:33:31 »

Thanks for your very helpful information and the pictures Vega...
I have already fitted cabling from the rain sensor to the relays and wiper motor in line with the GM schematics. I spent much time with an Opel electrician yesterday but we could not make it.

At this stage, I just want to ask couple of questions:

* I have a variable stalk and have to make some modifications on that, as I understand. So, could you please provide more details on the variable stalk modifications with the XC plug such as which cable goes to where exactly, if I want to keep the variable one instead of replacing with the standard one without dial?
* Do I have to buy a new rain sensor type windshield or is sticking a darkening film or similar thing to hide a rain sensor enough for that?  Is replacing the windshield a must?
* Is there anything related to the "multitimer module"? Do I have to replace it with a multitimer module with rain sensor type or do I have to keep the original one in my car? 

Thanks again...
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Wind screen part no's
« Reply #2 on: 05 December 2012, 05:33:42 »

In light of the guide for fitting a sensor for rain sensing wipers, and having had issues with auto glass being able to find the correct part number for the genuine screen needed, I thought these windscreen Part numbers would be usefull.

Courtesy of andyc, via CliffoB :y

Part No 90457721
EXC Heat Reflective
EXC Rain Sensor
234.79 +vat

Part No 24433002
With Heat Reflective
With Rain Sensor

Part No 24433003
EXC Heat Reflective
With Rain Sensor
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