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Author Topic: miggy v6 engine removal guide  (Read 4041 times)

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miggy v6 engine removal guide
« on: 06 April 2013, 11:45:04 »

well this isn't a nut and bolt guide-haynes do one already-this is more of a short cut version :y
Step 1 tools
you WILL need engine crane/large trolley jack/axle stands + compressor and air ratchet(easier to undo engine to gearbox bolts--saves muscle power too :y
1 raise car

2 remove battery as most important!!-you know that already dont you!!??
remove front bumper-this is to save you reaching in so far-water bottle comes away with bumper bar-no pick but 4x13mm bolts undo that :y

3 on auto-you get torque converter bolts(6x16mm) through hole bottom of engine -you will see it-trust me
undo these and engine mounts-RUBBER not bracket on engine!
If you have air con undo 3 torx bolts at front of pump-NOTE 2 more at rear of pump-these can be reached from under car fairly easy-you can see one bolt on pump here

when you disconnect anything you not sure about-take a picture
4 when you ready to separate engine/box use engine crane to lift engine from mounts a little and place trolley jack under g/box(to take weight) then get assistant to put large screwdriver into hole in bottom of torque converter housing and separate converter/torque plate(flywheel)-in foto-checking off mount

when engine forward-rotate it clockwise and slip aircon pump out-foto shows pump hanging-its ok

now lift engine out and you should have something like this-g/box can be left on jack or in our case a breeze block(we left it then overnight)

hope this some help as an idea of what's involved  in engine removal
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