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Author Topic: Cautionary note...  (Read 2024 times)

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Re: Cautionary note...
« Reply #15 on: 15 May 2015, 14:49:42 »

As promised...

Estate shock top mount parts...

90447244 Cup x 4 2.40 (washer, four required, saloon and estate)
90250288 Rubber Bumper x 2 3.97 (top mount upper rubber, two required, saloon and estate)
90447245 Insulation x 2 3.14 (top mount lower rubber, two required, estate only)
90447246 Spacer Sleeve x 2 2.49 (fits inside top mount lower rubber, two required, estate only)

Saloon Insulation and Spacer Sleeve are different, both longer by nearly 10mm.

Securing nut not listed, as these are supplied with the shocks as a rule, but GM ones only fit GM/Irmscher shocks.
B4s have a different pitch thread to the GM ones, so use the nut provided with the shocks.

Prices are retail, per item and ex VAT :y
Edited for typo... :-[
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