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Author Topic: What do believe in most?  (Read 1578 times)

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Re: What do believe in most?
« Reply #150 on: Today at 18:50:06 »

I believe in socialism to the extent of fair play and equality of opportunity.....not outcome

Sadly though the Labour party has moved ever further to the left making it irrelevant. It no longer has any interest in the 'working classes' after they voted for Brexit.

Considering that unions are far less powerful than they used to be, Corbyn didn't last long, and that even the so-called communist countries are declining you could argue that the Labour party has moved further to the centre. Look at recent leaders for an example: Blair or Starmer would make respectable centrist Tories.
I agree, but that's another reason why they'll find it difficult to get elected. Too far left and they're communists, nearer the centre and they're 'soft' tories.

Yes....Blair was essentially a Tory which is probably why he won 3 elections. 

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Re: What do believe in most?
« Reply #151 on: Today at 18:50:47 »

Unions are much more powerful than ever in the public sector (which is a huge problem) but are all but dead in the private sector.
I dont think China is on the decline unfortunately.
Blair and Starmer would be able to fit into any party they chose, because they dont believe in anything. They are highly trained lawyers, so are able to advocate opposing viewpoints with equal apparent conviction and sincerity, just like they would in a courtroom depending on whether they are defending or prosecuting.
Thats why Politics is stuffed full of lawyers nowadays and there is a dire lack of conviction Politicians.

Strangely, the reason Corbyn got hammered was Brexit. If he had been the man of Conviction and principle his image portrayed him to be. he would have been fully on board with Brexit.
He hated the EU / EEC/ Common market his whole life. But he sat on the fence, talked out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and was exposed as the chancer he really is and lost the North of England in the process.
Then had to stand down.
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Re: What do believe in most?
« Reply #152 on: Today at 18:58:03 »

Yep like I said two genders, anyone teaching otherwise is brainwashing.

You are conflating sex and gender. They mean very different things.
                  Not to kids of the age we are discussing

That would require they each live in solitary confinement and have never seen another body. Of either sex. Or species for that matter.
                  No, not in the context you’ve replied in. I had a mother and father, I knew who was what.
Laying a rubber road.
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