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Author Topic: Londoners - Agree or disagree with this?  (Read 315 times)

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Londoners - Agree or disagree with this?
« on: 14 May 2018, 22:54:51 »

As I haven't lived there I can't comment, but I am interested if this article is a good reflection from those that have or currently do?
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Re: Londoners - Agree or disagree with this?
« Reply #1 on: 14 May 2018, 23:05:49 »

Meh, not sure I buy all that. I bought a flat in Acton, it was close to free shuttle bus to work. Best thing about Acton was you could get anywhere other than Acton easily.

I rarely went into Acton itself, I did not become a part of itís community. I spent all my time at work or events hosted/run by MrsT getting tad drunk on free booze.

Only used flat as a hotel basically, I think most people do. How many people actually get involved with local community in London?

Maybe different if born there  :-\
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Re: Londoners - Agree or disagree with this?
« Reply #2 on: 15 May 2018, 01:07:29 »

I was born in the East End (Bow) in the days when the streets were black and white - and the people weren't. The truth is nobody wanted a multi-cultural society/country; it was foisted on us by crazy immigration policies.
Racist? Yes, but we are ALL racist by design and nature.....think about it.

London is no longer recognisable as the place I was born in and has changed feeling and atmosphere for the worse. I do go back from time to time, but I feel like a stranger now in the City that I once loved.  :( :( :(



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Re: Londoners - Agree or disagree with this?
« Reply #3 on: 15 May 2018, 09:58:26 »

What Tunnie says is pretty much true. The younger generation do not contribute anything to the local community, they work all hours during the week & bugger off to their weekend retreat or go on city breaks & as they only use their 5, 6, or £700k 2 bed flat for sleeping probably have never met their neighbours. i am sure some are racist but the vast majority have been living with others from ethnic backgrounds for many years & have just got used to it. Canning Town in east London used to be an area you did not park your car there as the locals would nick your wheels within 5 mins of you locking it, now developers are building high rise blocks for the Canary Wharf sect as it is within walking distance and the toe rags who used to nick your wheels are still there but there are no wheels to nick as the local councils charge stupid money for a residents parking permits & transport links are so good who needs a car. It used to make me smile when you asked a very hard working Asian man living in Newham, what is your ultimate ambition & they said to move to Redbridge (next borough out east). Then you have the older generation who bought their council house years ago & now realise its worth a fortune & its value can get you a lot more if you move out of your neighbourhood where very few people speak a language you recognise to the other side of the M25


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Re: Londoners - Agree or disagree with this?
« Reply #4 on: 15 May 2018, 14:21:46 »

I only lived there for 18m, and then only Monday-Friday, so I suppose I personify "the professional classes and cultural elites, the type of areas that were a bedrock of Remain support in the EU referendum."  ;D

As such, its hard to get a bead on whether the article is a true and fair reflection or not, however, one phrase that jumped out at me  was:
Being fundamentally decent and fair-minded citizens, they would not have objected to the integration of a modest and manageable number of arrivals over a reasonable period of time.

This feels pretty disingenuous and mirrors what people say if you ask them about having houses built in the UK. Almost everyone acknowledges that house building (or immigration) needs to happen on some level, but if you leave it to local people to decide, nothing ever happens because they all firmly believe that the place house building (or immigration) needs to occur is "anywhere other than around me".  ::)


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Re: Londoners - Agree or disagree with this?
« Reply #5 on: 15 May 2018, 15:29:06 »

I know one person who religiously lives by that attitude. He lives in a 5 bed detached house, set in an acre of land. If there is any intended development within a mile or so of him, he attends planning meetings, organises petitions and generally puts as much time, effort and money into doing what he can to stop it.
He is a card carrying Libdem, who loves everything and anything to do with the EU, says a little prayer every night that someone - Lords, lawyers, MP,s - anyone, will ignore the racist, too thick to have a vote, 17.4 million people who are ruining this particular member state, and declare the stupid vote null and void.
He believes in totally uncontrolled mass immigration, and anyone who disagrees as nothing more than a closet Nazi.
The word hypocrite doesn't begin to describe it.
However, imo most British people are reasonable, tolerant and accepting of migrants and the diversity they bring to the UK, as long as it doesn't interfere too much with their own way of life.
This is borne out by the fact that there has been relatively little trouble (apart from a tiny minority of  really ignorant people) when we have had previous influxes of people.
The difference with the recent / current influx, is that it is the largest movement of people into the country in the shortest timeframe, in history.
It has interfered greatly with peoples way of life, but that's exactly what it was intended to do. Remember the New Labour adviser who confessed that it was decided to do this at a policy meeting, in order to "shake the country up, and rub the right,s nose in diversity" ?
It was inevitable that it would cause problems, to a greater or lesser extent, but they didnt think for one minute it might be used as one of the arguments to pull us out of their precious U.S.E. project.
Serves the bastards right. They take voters for granted, sneer at them when they think no-one can hear (remember Gormless Browns microphone moment, and assume they will always believe the lies when its time to vote again.
It bit them on the arse, hard, this time.  ;D :)
Wish I didn't know now, what I didn't know then.
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