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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Author Topic: Dead Beemer!  (Read 4530 times)

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Re: Dead Beemer!
« Reply #90 on: 11 January 2019, 16:50:17 »

Summats worn out... not usually possible as the flange must need to pull out a good inch or so in order to exit the diff gear enough to slip on the chamfer at the end of the shaft. Certainly abnormal behaviour. :y
But surprisingly common fault on beemers…
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Re: Dead Beemer!
« Reply #91 on: 11 January 2019, 17:34:31 »

The nearside driveshaft had popped out of the diff and they 'popped' it back in.  Without a full strip down we don't know why it came out and apparently they had a hell of a job to get it back in and are scratching their heads as to how it came out.  :-\

I'm going to use it locally and keep an eye on it, but to be honest I think it needs new rear shocks, bearings, bushes and definitely tyres.  Then the front end needs sorting out and I havn't the time to fiddle about at the mo, so it's decision time!  ::)

Maybe I'll SORN it for a bit, keep it for a project car and get another cheapie workhorse estate.  :-\
I presume the BMW rear end is similar to the Omega's. Is it unknown for an Omega drive shaft to pop out of the diff? I can imagine a stiff spline, a worn circlip, a violent manoeuvre, might cause that.
You presume wrong. The E39 has a multilink arrangement with McPherson struts which keeps the wheels perpendicular to the road regardless of how the car is being driven. The drive shaft bolts through the hub and to a flange which is apparently simply slotted into the diff.

Omega drive shafts don't take too much persuasion to pop out, but the geometry of the trailing arm design makes it impossible to remove them from the diff without first disconnecting them from the hub. 

I suspect this problem was caused by worn cv joints on the drive shaft allowing too much movement along the shaft, a tired spring clip allowed it to pop out under its own weight during the tight, aggressive turn. Imagine holding a baton lightly in your hand and in line with your outstretched arm and the suddenly spinning on the spot... The baton will fly out of your hand before you've done a full circle. ;)
Thank you. I stand corrected. The Omega haft shafts always seemed secure to me, and impossible to remove without first removing them from the hubs. I am surprised on BMWs it is possible. I expect BMW is surprised too.

Not half as surprised as this BMW driver!  ::)  ;D

I mean I was even using the indicators at the time as well!  :D
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Re: Dead Beemer!
« Reply #92 on: 11 January 2019, 17:39:50 »

Well, at least you have finally admitted the cause...  :P
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