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Author Topic: Comparing other Forums with 00F - Id like to congratulate O0F  (Read 706 times)

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The Jag Info forum is crap. No product knowledge mated to a  humourless sterile environment. "Take the car to an approved Jagaur dealer" is their only mantra.

They initially banned me for a week for apparently for not being PC enough.

They then banned me for life a couple of weeks later, adding that I was also a sexist misogynist who had no place in the 21st century.

Most seem to have a stick up their arse. ::)

OOF is far superior.......even with STMO. :)
Thank you, Opti  :) I think  :-\
If you are offended by anything I post, sorry. Just thought I'd get that in now.


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The Merc forum AA & I use  isn't bad, but most answers to faults is  ... go to a local indie & get the codes read. I follow the thinking but surely there could be a bit more of try this or that before you have to open your wallet

To be fair to them, the Merc forum covers too many models in the Merc range.

Touch wood in the 4 years I've owned the Merc have not had any problems to diagnose, I'm led to believe that the more modern ones are a complete pain in the backside.


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I too enjoy spending time and posting various shite on Autoshite. I also find the ban on politics there refreshing. Ive got OOF for that.  :D ;D

You'll know of our Piss Green astra purchase after the A Class was discounted, due to CVT horror stories and the handbrake position.


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I did have a look at your "more complicated" thread, but it has moved on a bit since I last looked. Its a very busy forum, and its amazing sometimes how a page can gain several pages when you take your eyes off it for a few days.  :y
Plastic Welsh hatchbacks are awesome.
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