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For Scrap / Spares / Stopgap Car: 3.2 Elite Estate, 123,000 Miles, 11 mths MOT

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I can't be bothered with the time wasters on the well-known-auction-site, so I am offering my recently acquired 3.2 Elite Estate to OOF members, on a scrap basis, and a price to reflect it.

The details:

Index: KV02 DCU

3.2 Elite Estate, first registered on Friday 15th March 2002

MOT valid until 23 April 2020

Around 123,000 / 124,000 miles

Star Silver, I am 99% sure the colour code is Z157 but I need to check this.



1) From the moment I first bought the car, the battery never worked. Once I had driven an hour around the M25, I assumed it would have charged / start alright, but it was dead a a dodo when I stopped for a coffee and tried to drive off again. A jump start got it going, to get me home. I found a battery in my garage, which is only 6 months old, I have charged this up, and it so far seems to be holding a charge fine, for the last few days. For honesty, though - you may need to budget for a new battery (around £45 when ECP have their deals on) as mine was sat discharged, for some time, which kills them off.

2) There is a coolant leak from the top of the Radiator (pictured below). It seems to be a split in the rad. It doesn't empty the header tank at any great rate, and would get you home, but nevertheless the car needs a new radiator, before it can be put into reliable service. You'll also need antifreeze, as I expect it's far too diluted, from top ups.

3) Very significant rust issues, here is a glimpse from the rear:

On the subject of rust, on the very recent MOT, there were advisories for:

A) Offside Front Lower vehicle structure is corroded but structural rigidity is not significantly reduced

B) Coil Springs Corroded - all 4

C) Rear Lower suspension component mounting prescribed area corroded but not excessive (both sides)

D) Nearside rear brake pipe corroded

In addition to the corrosion:

4) The Offside rear wheel bearing has play (also advised on the recent MOT). It is not, however, noisy at all.

5) The engine, whilst smooth, is (very) flat. Upon a quick look, the vaccuum pipe that feeds the multi rams, is broken. So you might get lucky. At the moment it's more like a 2.2. It'll cruise at 70+ all day, but I wouldn't overtake in it.

6) The brakes are very poor. There were no mention of them on the MOT, however, they are spongy. Might get away with a fresh fluid bleed.

7) There is a violent shudder upon braking from anything above 55mph.

8) When braking firmly from national speed limit type speeds. the car feels very unstable, and dives all over the place. It also isn't at all tight into corners. Largely to be expected, from a 17 year old barge. In reality, if you were to keep it, you'll want a total suspension overhaul, front and rear.

9) It has an oil leak (also picked up on the recent MOT). You can tell just by looking, that the cam cover gaskets are leaking (both sides)/

Of less importance, but still worthy of mention for honesty:

It really needs a service, especially oil and filter:

I'd suggest a few short oil and filter changes.

There is some damage to the leather:

Wheels are all in poor condition, one looks like it's been half painted

There is no service history

No evidence of any cambelt change, although the aux belt and tensionor look quite new

The auto box isn't nearly as smooth as my Elite (although it's not as such I would say there's a fault). Probably benefit from an ATF change, and a software update.

On the plus points, the engine ticks over smoothly

The tyres are all Avons and seem pretty good

There is a towbar with electrics (not tested those, as I don't tow anything)

Suitable for someone to either -

Use it as a donor car
Drive it until the MOT runs out, and scrap it,
or spend a lot of money and time doing it up.

 It would, of course, also be lucrative to break, but again, I Can't be arsed with selling parts off a 17 year old car, to strangers on the internet, for the sake of a few more quid.

Logbook in my name and keys present.

If you're going to turn up, pay, not kick the tyres, not moan that the "paint is faded" etc, you can take it away for £200, which easily represents the value of the wheels/tyres and cats alone.

I forgot to mention, you'll need to budget for another exhaust, if you're going to run it beyond it's current MOT entitlement.

Hi James, keep it safe for me for a while, Iím going to see if I can get somewhere to store it. Cheers Rae.

dave the builder:
WOW  :o
an honest car seller
good man James  :y :y
a bargain for someone too

As rare as an honest builder, Dave? :D
More seriously, as you well know, James is not a car seller; but definitey an honest bloke - and a bl**dy ,good one too.



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