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Right the wishbones  I bought from eBay have knackered in about 3000 miles so I want to bite the bullet and buy some better ones, but I donít want to go over the top on price, anybody had good results with aftermarket ones and if so what make please :)

Diamond Black Geezer:
First question - were the bolts tightened once the car was down and on the level? Because even genuine Vx will be ripped to shreds in about 3k miles or less if they are torqued up whilt the wheels are still off the ground.  :)

ATP are thought of as 'decent for the price' / best bang per buck.

Next step up (and what I always personally recommend) any old cheap n cheerful wishbones, with Poly bushes and genuine Vx rear bushes and genuine Vx balljoints. Build your own, even slap a good coat of stonechip paint on them (as I did) to prolong the metalwork.   :y

Thank you for the reply :y and yes I believe itís mandatory for all wishbones, Iím reluctant to use these useless things even to rebush theyíre rubbish so Iíll try the ATP then perhaps.

Just found a pair of atp on eBay for £58.95 free p&p can they be ok for that price then?

Diamond Black Geezer:
So you are in command of all the facts, genuine GM have a weld seal all the way round the vertical bush 'collar', aftermarkets (as mine are) tend to only have a few blobs. They have been known to fail, under extreme pressure/abuse, however 30k done on mine and no death yet  :D I'd say its very very very rare.

For this reason some people prefer to use second hand GM ones, clean up, repaint then rebush etc.

However, that ATP price sounds like the right sort of ballpark. They do (well, did at least) a kit of wishbones, droplinks, track rods for maybe £80, I seem to recall.

Consensus on here is if youre touching the suspension, do the lot, get a geometry set up at the same time. Don't have a geo setup, save £50, but burn through three times that in tyres per year before you realise your error... if you see what I mean.  :y


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