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Ok thatís my kinda price I will get them. Thanks :y

dave the builder:

--- Quote from: Raeturbo on 08 June 2019, 20:25:07 ---Just found a pair of atp on eBay for £58.95 free p&p can they be ok for that price then?

--- End quote ---
what cheap ones did you buy  :-\
the ATP kit at £75 clicky link

surely the same as the £59 ones  :-\ same seller
may as well get the entire kit if not for £16 more

Diamond Black Geezer:
Thats the kit I was referring to  :y Good to see its still out there (5 years since I bought it)

Yes indeed Iíll buy the kit even if I never use them and give them away later👍
Most of the shite in the ATP kit is pointless.  You'd be mad to use the TRE for example.  The stuff is utter rubbish.

Although its cheap enough to replace every 6-9 months, its the subsequent alignment costs that make it unfeasible to do so.


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