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Author Topic: Diplomacy  (Read 1320 times)

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Re: Diplomacy
« Reply #75 on: 10 July 2019, 20:29:22 »

Personally, I think all have behaved correctly, except the despicable leaker. Was their motive to weaken the UK government further or to try & cause a rift between Boris & Donald & the pending US-UK trade deal? Knowing that a diplomat's job is to bluntly advise their government, in confidence, which is what he did is fine, the problem is that being leaked & the damage that this has caused to US-UK relations, which made his position untennerable & he has quite rightly resigned. Boris saying nothing as our PM in waiting is also correct as to back the diplomat or Trump would have damaged his authority as PM with either the diplomatic corp or US-UK & Boris-Donald relationship.

When Boris becomes PM, his first task must be to restore government & party discipline. He should make it quite clear that the Tory party were all elected in the 2017 GE on a manifesto of implementing Brexit and no deal is better than a bad deal. He should make it clear that anybody that breaks this commitment & tries to undermine the government, from this point onwards, can consider their political career over as they will be deselected as a Tory party candidate at the next GE. Where May has set aside the deselections so far by local Tory party associations including my local turncoat MP, this needs to be reinstated for the next GE, where they are remainers in leave areas, if the Tories want to have a chance in retaining that seat.

Wanting to continue to keep your snout is the Westminster trough will have a powerful effect on those that continually undermine their own party, government & the UK's interests. Polling suggests that Boris will defeat Corbyn if they force a GE  with a 40 seat majority & reduce the Brexit party success in the south. Labour now being the official party of remain & holding a second loser's referendum (when they lose again & again, will this then become the bast of 5,7,9,11,13,15....?) will really hit them hard in the north with their leave electorate majority with the Brexit Party being the new party of choice, where they would never have & never will vote Tory since the miner's strike.

Remain, left & MSM are all slagging off Boris as they know he will see Brexit over the line. MSM make no effort anymore to either report the facts reasonably impartially, so the viewer, listener or reader can make their own minds up, but just spew out a torrent of verbal diarrhea light in facts, but heavy in partisan propaganda, opinions & comments, mixed with speculation & innuendo. The end result is that newspaper circulation, radio listening & tv viewing figures (C4 down 8%) are all falling, where people either turn off from this or use alternative web based sources for news & information. More & more alternative sources are using YouTube & other video platforms to bypass the MSM & where they have done their best to ignore the Brexit Party they have now setup BrexitBox on YouTube.

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