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Author Topic: Car insurance grrr.  (Read 628 times)

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Re: Car insurance grrr.
« Reply #15 on: 05 August 2019, 18:28:50 »

The whole insurance business needs a lot more regulation in my opinion.  >:(
That was clear to me  :-\

So you want all quotes to be similar, though much higher.  I'm sure I'm missing something, as surely nobody wants more expensive quotes.
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Re: Car insurance grrr.
« Reply #16 on: 06 August 2019, 09:02:37 »

It is already highly regulated by the FCA. If by regulation you mean to force the underwriters to make massive losses with price capping so insurance is as easy to find as food & toilet paper in Venezuela, then how will you drive it when there are no vehicle insurers? ???

Car insurance is a very difficult market for underwriters to make any money, hence all the extra charges like for policy changes.
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Re: Car insurance grrr.
« Reply #17 on: 06 August 2019, 09:45:41 »

Turns out it's cheaper to insure my new car than the old one.  ;D

Maybe I should have shopped around more. :-[

0-60 is a good bit quicker. Top speed is another 6 MPH. Value is.. erm.. much higher. It's a couple of insurance groups lower. :-\

Always love fact a sub 1k banger is more expensive to insure than something nearly 20 times the value, is faster, car thieves would actually want it, more power and more of them on the road.
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