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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Author Topic: Strugging to remove LH steering gaiter clip  (Read 496 times)

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Re: Strugging to remove LH steering gaiter clip
« Reply #15 on: 08 August 2019, 21:37:23 »

Good tip, Jimmy. I bought a dremel, did the job with ease.
Now I am struggling to get the gaiter over the end of the rack. It went over the rack end ball joint easily enough, but I struggle to get it over the rack housing end. I know I am a weak old man, but I called in my son, and he could not do it either. There must be a way of doing it.

No worries, I bought a non-branded (not even Sealey!!) one from argos for about 25 over a decade ago. I've lost count of the amount of little jobs I've used it on, I guess thee isn't much to go wrong on them, all they are is a motor, chuck and a variable speed dial, the rest is just plastic packaging.

Can it be I have been supplied with the wrong gaiters? I bought a kit from Northern Ireland about 2 months ago, looked all right, everything else has fitted OK. The gaiters that came off are 170mm relaxed, large end 153mm diameter, small end 15mm diameter. Whle they are elastic, I somehow don't expect them to expand to fit the rack housing end. Bother. I fear I need new gaiters and have to take it all apart again. Maybe they will stretch.

Try them in hot water - as hot as you can stand taking them out of. Has worked for me in the past.  :y
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