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Author Topic: rocker cover gaskets and other fun  (Read 627 times)

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rocker cover gaskets and other fun
« on: 13 June 2009, 20:15:12 »

i changed the rocker gaskets on my 3.2 v6 last week, all went well untill i decided to change the plugs as well, now i also thought i had a exhaust gasket leaking due to that tell tell ticking sound. NO it turnt out that the last pratt to change the plugs had most probably wound them in with a air gun and striped the threads on one of them, the plug in question was rattling about it was that bad, and the gases were escaping past it giving me the ticking, my heart sank, i was thinking new head.
anyway i managed to ream the hole in the head, cut a new thread and put in a special insert from a set i got of the snap on man a few years back.
all back togeather now and running like a dream, except the bloody rocker gaskets are leaking again on one of the banks, a job for next week i think and this time i will use vaux parts not the after market rubbish from camberlys

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