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Author Topic: C5 Pads UPGRADE!  GTO Calipers.  Omega / Catera  (Read 685 times)

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C5 Pads UPGRADE!  GTO Calipers.  Omega / Catera
« on: 25 September 2008, 11:03:48 »

Finally got around to throwing some C5 pads and seeing what the fuzz was all about and found myself quite pleasantly surprised... :worship:

THe C5 pads are way bigger then the GTO ones but on the same back frame! So its safe to upgrade as long as you have the rattle clips in place otherwise I think they will make noise.  

The brake pedal is more touchy now, and I experienced similar improvements as when I got the larger calipers.  The 04 GTO guys have been doing this for a while now as an improvement to their stock systems...

Here is the pad difference!

Here they are on the bracket side by side...

And here is what the larger pad does to the rotor... wider swept area... I can tell because I had my rotors painted and the paint was rubbed off from the new pads...

Seems like it sweeps more maybe another 15% on top of the GTO pad... ::)

Here is another shot with the technical specs of the pads...


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