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Author Topic: rear blind disassembly  (Read 721 times)

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rear blind disassembly
« on: 16 July 2006, 22:27:54 »

well I finally decided to look into the non-functioning blind in my new omega, followed memory and the guide on here - I think it had just seized through lack of use. The problem in this scenario is that it would appear the control unit applies voltage to the motor until it encounters resistance, then stops. Therefore mine wouldn't move at all!

I found that when I removed the motor from the gearbox, the motor worked fine - but I could hear a spring uncoiling when I removed the motor :'(

If you want to strip the gearbox to check its' internals, there is a T20 screw on the opposite end to the motor - undo this and the spring tension will be released, you can then safely remove the cover.

Upon re-assembly, offer the motor up to the linkage and mark where the flat of the gearbox spindle is. Then use a pair of mole grips to turn the spindle one turn clockwise to roughly the same postion, hold in place and refit the motor - the worm drive of the motor will then hold the spindle in place, you can then refit the screws. The spring tension then helps to lift the blind, it struggles big time otherwise!

If you can't screw the motor and gearbox assembly back into its' original place, use one screw and operate the blind - then quickly remove the plug whilst the blind is moving. You can then rotate the motor/gearbox assembly and fit the other screws - otherwise, the blind will not stop moving until it hits an obstruction and you won't be able to get the screws in place!

Hope this helps someone, it was a bit of a pig to do as there is quite a lot of work to get to the blind, but am glad it's sorted now!  :)
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