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Author Topic: ???? Where is the coolant going !  (Read 1729 times)

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Re:  ???? Where is the coolant going !
« Reply #15 on: 17 November 2007, 22:10:01 »

It could just be the pressure looking to escape, now it's no longer being circulated...

Isnt there more pressure when the water pump is running?  :-/

Water pumps are there just to move the coolant around the block dissipating heat. There's next to no pressure difference accross the pump. The pressure is created by the higher temp in a closed system.


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Re:  ???? Where is the coolant going !
« Reply #16 on: 18 November 2007, 03:38:17 »

I've a similar problem right now. The coolant is "disappearing" but I also experienced misfires when cold. So I changed the spark plugs to see if any of them was covered in coolant, in which case I would have a blown head gasket. All the spark plugs were worn but without coolant. Then I discovered water in the Breather Body tubes. There is my leak.

I suggest that you look for a blown head gasket, or maybe the problem that I am having. I can see the breather body tubes with the typical light brown thing that apears when coolant and oil mix. Strangely is my oil in perfect condition and the coolant has no signs of oil (Should I ignore the oil cooler?).

Tomorrow I will search for the reason of my problem. If anyone has a clue, please let me know  ;)
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