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Author Topic: Getting down and dirty  (Read 416 times)

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Getting down and dirty
« on: 18 January 2011, 23:06:34 »

with the front suspension.

Firstly, after standing idle since July, put a fresh battery on the beast and it started first time. :o

Idle was a bit lumpy for a couple of seconds, but soon settled down. Only fault code stored is for a knackered clutch switch, which it does not currently have fitted. Yet. Near as I can tell it only needs a number plate light, and a sicky seat belt sorting for the dreaded Mot.  8-)

Oh yes, and the front suspensiuon and two tyres...

Pulled the near side apart, New wishbone, shock, drop link, top mount and track rod all fitted. All torqued up except for the top mount, and the wishbone bolts, which I'll do once the car is back on the deck. Camber provisionally set with a 19mm socket and looks ok. (Chris as per your guide, only plus 5mm as I've only got 225's on at the minute).

At a glance, the nearside wheel appears to toe out slightly, but will investigate further once tother side is done, and the wishbones are properly tightened.

Good news is that with the wheel centered, both the pitman arm and idler arm are parallel and pointing straight ahead. So car does stand a fair chance of travelling in a straight line again.

Thanks for all the help so far, will report back once all done tomorrow.

Al. :y


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Re: Getting down and dirty
« Reply #1 on: 19 January 2011, 00:50:05 »

Sounds along the right lines.  :)

If you fancy, at some point after wim'ing, could you see what socket fits best in the gap with the correct settings?

Will give members with the same size wheels a good starting point, and we can list them in the guide. Will help for your own records for future reference as well.

Should list mine really, thinking about it.  ;D  :y


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Re: Getting down and dirty
« Reply #2 on: 19 January 2011, 20:20:43 »

Well, a productive couple of afternoons. :)

Off side all done too. Second time round always seems quicker for some reason. :-/

Biggest snags today were having to drift the rear wishbone bolt home and having to raise the ARB out of the way to get the wishbone in. Not sure why that was, other side was no problem. :-/ though once all back together the ARB sits at the same level on both sides, (about 1"off the wishbone).

All torqued up with the car on the deck. Tracking set by rifle sighting from the front to the back. Ran car round the block and...

stops in a straight line,
no scrubbing from the tyres,
no jumping from the wheel whether in a straight line or turning,
suspension feels nice and solid.

All that's left is to pick up two new tyres on way to MoT on Friday morning... :-X

All four wishbone bushes were Fubarred. Think I must have killed the o/s shock and top mount, next to no resistance from the shock, and the top spring seat was full of grease from the bearing. N/s one was clean. :-/

Will book it in to Wim After MoT, and will make a note of the setting for general consumption.

Thanks again for all your input Chris. :y
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