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Author Topic: mis fire and power loss.  (Read 433 times)

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mis fire and power loss.
« on: 16 March 2011, 06:35:37 »

Car has been idling a bit lumpy lately, with a slight smell of fumes in the cabin when left idling. The fumes smell like breather fumes, rather than exhaust or fuel. Breathers cleaned twice in last month, also changed purge valve to try and cure fumes..

EML came on yesterday. not surprised as it does every now and again usually clearing after a day or two. ::)

Driving back from gatwick this morning, cruising at 70ish, the EML started flashing, went constant and flashed again, finally staying on. At the same time the engine lost power and the exhaust started to sound noisy. >:(

Idle very lumpy and hunting around, will settle with a bit of throttle applied (1000rpm).

Once left for a bit starts ok and idles a bit lumpy but not hunting. There is a bit of top end rattle, has been since I got the car, but also a more metallic rattle from the right hand side of the block, just above the alternator. :-/

First thought was that one of the downpipes had packed up, (rest of exhaust gen vx and new last year), but no obvious leaks. Wonder now if manifold has a crack in it. :-/

Took three goes to read the fault codes, different numbers each time, so guessing I can't count. :-X

Any way, found these:

0420 no surprise.
0430 "    "
0300 again no surprises as was running like a bag of nails.
0306 "
0300 not sure why twice? :-/
0301 "
0303 "
0304 "
0305 "

Might have to chop it in for a nice simple push rod V8. :-X

Any pointers most welcome, car is into body shop next day or 2, but needs to be sorted by 28/3.
Has just passed the mechanical part of its annual inspection. Nothing note worthy to report. :-/

TIA, Al. :y

P.S. Oil and coolant both fine, Levels spot on, and not a speck of mayo anywhere.
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Re: mis fire and power loss.
« Reply #1 on: 16 March 2011, 18:56:11 »

Right, have re done pedal trick 6 times ::) and finally got a consistent count:


Odd ones out seem to be 0200 and 0205. :-/ Could it really be as simple as an kucfed injector?

Have got new plugs and a new fuel filter, and will try running it with injector number 4 unplugged to see if that makes any odds.

Car runs lumpy/noisy. Foot down at 2000rpm and it just bogs down, but will pull from idle through to 5000rpm+, albeit with a misfire. I'm thinking that it's not a timing issue, as the engine still revs freely. :-/
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Re: mis fire and power loss.
« Reply #2 on: 16 March 2011, 21:08:29 »

Number 5 injector not working.

Unplugged it, no difference. can it be swapped with any of the others? ie are they all the same? :-/

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