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Author Topic: Megamos Key Fob Repair WIP DO NOT POST TO  (Read 841 times)

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Megamos Key Fob Repair WIP DO NOT POST TO
« on: 19 December 2007, 20:25:42 »

Repairing a Facelift Megamos keyfob


Fine soldering iron, solder, methylated spirits, small screwdriver, XACTO style small handle with No 11. blade, kitchen paper, small pliers or wire cutters or similar.

Start by dismantle the keyfob, lever it apart at the back then seperate the two halves.

Using a small screwdriver at the opposite end to the two lugs lever up the PCB and remove from the fob.

The switches get filled full of gunge and repairs mean removal dismantling and cleaning.

You cannot dismantle the switches while mounted as they WILL fall off, you can remove them by either unsoldering, while levering with a No. 11 scalpel blade (every modeller will have one) under the switch, or by cutting at the solder with the same knife.


To dismantle the switch, carefully put the blade along the long edge from underneath and gently lever the switch apart.


THe switch consists of a rubber top inside a pressed shell, a plastic base with two connectors, and a double thickness sprung contacts.


Gently lever the contacts out with the knife and then clean all parts in meths, the contact area will be full of a thick gunge which prevents it from working you will need the kitchen towel and the small screwdriver to clean the switch out.


Now reassemble the switch, place the two sprung contacts back in then refit the switch shell with rubber fitted, and gently squeeze the top back over the lugs using the pliers or similar.

Turn it upside down and tin the two contacts, then place the switch into position and at each end touch the soldering iron on the join for about a second and this will fix the switch back on.

Repeat for the other two then reassemble the fob.
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