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Author Topic: Phone stuff.....  (Read 2351 times)

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Re: Phone stuff.....
« Reply #15 on: 03 February 2008, 00:25:26 »

I had a 6310 for yonks as a work phone with a Cark91, now I have a 6230i with a cheapo adaptor in the original cradle and it works fine. The adaptor's are about a tenner and the Poport adaptors which plug into the Cark91 brain were around thirty quid I think. Personally I like a proper car kit so I can see the phone when it rings/charges the phone/an external aerial but then I do use mine a lot!

I had similar (only mine was 6210 on the cark91).  I found the popport adapter cradle a bit naff, so swaped the cark91 out for the proper kits for the 6230i, complete with nokia cradle and nokia antenna pickup (wouldn't bother with this, not that good to be honest, just stick to internal antenna)
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