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Author Topic: Cambelts Interval  (Read 11331 times)

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Cambelts Interval
« on: 11 July 2006, 08:10:51 »

Cambelts. What is the correct service interval?

On ALL petrol Omegas the cambelt kit (belt, tensioner, pulley) should be changed every 40k/4 years
(whichever comes sooner).

Do not just get the belt changed (whether DIY or garage, ensure the receipt is for the full kit).
It is the tensioner that usually fails first.
On a multivalve engine, this usually means you replace the engine!

If you have just bought the car and you do not have a receipt for a full kit change, budget for this to be done ASAP!
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Re: Cambelts.
« Reply #1 on: 11 July 2006, 08:38:04 »

The above advice should be followed even if your own service book says 80k/8yrs - Vauxhall reduced to 40k/4yrs after some premature failures.
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Re: Cambelts.
« Reply #2 on: 11 July 2006, 09:38:27 »

And don't take the previous owners word for it or that of a reciept. ring the garage and ask them to confirm whether or not they changed the tensioners.

Pricewise, a kit will cost around 90 and it is worth adding in the cost of a water pump (25) too, as the work to reach the pump is the same. The extra time taken is literally 10 minutes. It is a fairly straight forward job, although you should be a good DIY mechanic and have a good range of tools including TORX sockets. DO NOT attempt this job unless you have access to a locking kit. There are several people oin here who have one, including me. It is available on FREE loan provided you pay postage both ways and leave a suitable returnable deposit. Timewise it will take 4 hours+.

Gragae price will be around 250 upwards, but to be honest you are better if you can do it yourself because you will care much more about how acurate you want the timing.
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