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Author Topic: My brakes feely spongy  (Read 7045 times)

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My brakes feely spongy
« on: 12 July 2006, 12:33:20 »

The Omega is designed to have a progressive brake with a power servo and not the usual run of the mill over assisted sudden brakes that you get on most cars (i.e. the new Focus which is very bad!) so as to allow better controlled stopping.

This means that the brakes should start to apply gently when the pedal is first pressed. Stamp on the brakes and the whole world stops!

The are very GOOD brakes....when working correctly. In fact the biggest problem is stopping people rear ending you when you hit them.

If you feel they are not upto spec then its time to check and service the brakes and change the brake fluid.

Ideally when changing the fluid you should squeeze the caliper pistons in fully to expel all air and all the old fluid from the caliper (if you don't the old fluid remains). I do this by emptying the header tank and filling with fresh brake fluid, fitting an easi bleed, clamping the flexi brake hose, opening the bleed nipple and then squeeze the caliper piston in.

Then repeat on each corner and bleed as normal.

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