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Author Topic: 2.0 and 2.2 Cam cover gasket replacement  (Read 5919 times)

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2.0 and 2.2 Cam cover gasket replacement
« on: 10 July 2006, 22:04:32 »

For the 2.2 engines (Z22XE), first remove the ignition module, for 2.0 (X20XEV) remove the spark plug lead cover.

Remove the three crankcase ventilation hoses from the rocker cover (two on throttle/inlet side and one on the exhaust side).
Disconnect the camshaft sensor plug and place lead out of the way.

Remove the spark plug leads (2.0 only), this is an opportune moment to test the leads with a DVM, they should read between 2Kohm and 10Kohm, also inspect the leads for damage and replace if neccasary.

Remove the rocker cover, its worth giving it a good clean with degreaser (parafin or diesel also works well) and also check the breather ports to make sure they are nice and clear. Remove and discard the main rocker seal and the sealing rings around the bolt holes.

Clean the head surface well and ensure its dry, I wipe it down with thinners to remove any grease or oil, any good solvent will do (i.e. the wifes nail varnish remover )
Apply the sealing compound to the areas to the side of the cam clamps which are at the pulley end of the cams (i.e. the front of the engine on the Omega). It should be applied so as its parralel with the cams and starts at the front of the head and finishes at the rear of the cam clamp. Ensure that it is a reasonable size bead which is touching the cam clamps.

Refit the cylinder head cover with the new sealing rings fitted and the new main gasket to a torque of only 8 Nm / 6 lbf. ft. Overtighten it and you will distort the cover causing it to leak again.

Refit the spark plug leads on the 2.0

Reattach the cam sensor connector and on the 2.0 re-fit the spark plug cover (note only 3Nm for these securing bolts!) and on the 2.2 refit the ignition module.

Re-attach the 3 camcover vent hoses, its worth checking they are nice and clean and not full of crudd, its also a good time to clean the throttle body and idle valve out!
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