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Author Topic: Resetting one touch window function.  (Read 6649 times)

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Resetting one touch window function.
« on: 11 July 2006, 08:13:50 »

One touch windows and multi position sunroof (where fitted).

On Omegas (also Carltons and Senators) the windows have a one touch function for operation both up and down with retraction sensors.

The sensors are a very sensible safety feature where if the motor feels resistance when raising the window, it stops and reverses the window a few inches. These work whether you have the one touch activated or not.

If you have disconnected the battery, the windows and sunroof will go back to basic settings, ie. keep finger on button to operate window.
Also the sunroof control probably will not work.

To re-activate one touch, with the window closed, simply press and hold the button as if you were closing the window for 2-3 seconds. If it quiet you may hear the relay click. Repeat for each window.

The sunroof is slightly different.
With the sunroof closed, push the controller in and hold for 2 seconds.
Do the same with the dial in the fully open position and in the tilt position.
Sunroof is now reset.
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