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Author Topic: Replacing the front central locking motors.  (Read 6898 times)

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Replacing the front central locking motors.
« on: 11 July 2006, 12:51:46 »

Remove the front door cards as per the other maintenance guides

Carefully remove the internal plastic door skin to gain access to the lock mechanism, dont damage it as the side air bags on later cars rely on theis being a good seal.

Unclip lock mechanism connecting rods by unclipping the scuring clips and rotating to allo the rods to become free, there is

- one at the front
- one at the back of the mechanism.

Undo the three large torx screws around the striker plate on the ned of the door
Disconnect the multiplug from the base of the solenoid & remove the mechanism and solenoid by lowering to release outer door latch linkage and then lifting out.

Replace solenoid by removing 2 screws and unhooking.

Re-fit by reversing the above - take care to ensure that the arm from the exterior door handle is located correctly in the top of the mechanism (it just sits freely in a plastic ring - no connectors). Of course, test lock before re-fitting door card!  

Solenoid Part Numbers: Pre mini-facelift: 90449074
Post mini-facelift: 90493702

Price approx. 35-40 + VAT from Vauxhall

Beware that the two motor assemblies have different connectors so are not easliy interchangeable

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