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Author Topic: Rear blind removal  (Read 6363 times)

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Rear blind removal
« on: 13 July 2006, 00:01:44 »

Rear parcel shelf/sunblind removal for Omega saloon

In order to get the parcel shelf out you will need to remove the base of the seat by pulling the two black handles and lifting the base out of its locating slots. If it an Elite donít forget that you will have the wiring for the heated seats that will need to be disconnected

Once the seat base has been removed from the car the fixed edges of the seat back then need to be removed, these are held in place by a metal tongue at the bottom of the seat that will need to be bent back to allow the edging to be removed

Once the bottom has been freed you will then need to gently push the edging upwards to release it from the top bracket

This needs to be done on both sides

From there you need to start stripping all the extras from the shelf, I started with the headrests and then the sleeves, there are 4 shelf coloured clips that †hold the shelf in place, they donít become visible until the rear seat is folded down. As well as the clips there is the armrest turn clip (in the centre of the pic below) this needs to be unscrewed

Once the clips have been removed go on to remove the black rubber boots for the seat back retainers speaker covers, centre seatbelt trim, and also the two grey trims that form part of the access hole for the boot.
Into the boot now and the shelf is held on by 3x10mm headed locknuts, if the car has a plastic tray situated over these donít panic, an extension bar with a 10mm socket will still undo them as the plastic tray has holes in it for this situation.
Whilst in the boot look in the far left hand corner, there will be a multiplugs connector, this is the power supply for the blind, this has to be disconnected
With the nuts undo, back in the car and now start to pull the shelf out. There are 3 white plastic clips that will be holding it in place still, there sometimes require a sharp tug to free them, in addition the C pillar trims make it a little more difficult to get the shelf out, others have found removing those trim pieces helps with removal and refitting
You should now have the shelf out. The underside will look like this

The blind is held on by 6x10mm nuts, once these are undone it will separate from the shelf
The motor is held in place with 3xT20 torx headed screws and 1xT10 that holds the motor to the mechanism, once these are undone the motor will separate from the blind assembly

If the gears have sheared/come apart then when you open up the motor these will be damaged

There are 3xT10 torx screws holding the cover on, BE AWARE, there are springs behind the cover, if the gears have become damaged they could possibly recoil once the cover is removed.

Time taken to strip and refit was about 1.5 hours, I have never done this in the past so it was a case of looking round for the solution as to why something wouldnít come apart

If there is anything i have missed feel free to let me know
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