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Author Topic: Centre dash panel removal  (Read 8987 times)

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Centre dash panel removal
« on: 13 July 2006, 00:05:40 »

Mods/Admin, if you want to move this then feel free

Centre panel removal………

Tools needed
Philips headed screwdriver, double din stereo removal tool, radio code

In order to remove the centre panel you will need to remove the stereo, undo the 4 grub screws and pull out the stereo with the removal tools.

Once the stereo is out the cage will then need pulling out, to do this pull the top and bottom together in order to squeeze it out of the aperture, before doing this don’t\ forget there is a screw at the back of the cage that holds it to the dash, it would normally be where the circle is.

Once the cage is out remove the multiplugs and the aerial connector, this frees up the cage, from there you will need to remove the ashtray and mechanism. Open the ashtray and remove the ashtray insert (the bit that you empty) and look behind the ashtray, you will see a Philips headed screw, remove this and the whole ashtray assembly will come out, undo the two Philips headed screws at the top of the facia panel (circled) from there you can get at the second part of the centre panel.

Removing the switches is a case of slowly prising them out, some of them are very difficult.

Once the facia has been removed and the multiplugs disconnected from the facia the six screws holding the second part to the dash can be removed.

Before removing the second part you will need to remove the live feed for the ashtray, this is held in place at the bottom of the second part

it undoes by compressing the two clips together.
Once the second part is out of the way you then have access to the wiring, heating trunking, temp sensors (ECC models)

To Coin a phrase from the Haynes manual 'refitting is the reverse of removal'
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