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Author Topic: Cleaning X20XEV Idle Control Valve  (Read 8303 times)

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Cleaning X20XEV Idle Control Valve
« on: 13 July 2006, 11:49:18 »

This is from memory I last did this in August 2005

OK Firstly we identify what is left and what is right. This ALWAYS confuses people so I have adopted the naval and aviation method.

As you sit in the driving seat Port is left and Starboard is right. I will use P and SB

Now thats over

Tools required (to be confirmed)

4mm Allen socket, 10mm socket, metric spanners from 10mm to 17mm.

Parts ICV gasket

Remove the pipe from air box to throttle body - the throttle body is the lump on the inlet manifold on the SB side of the engine.

The idle control valve is on the front and is secured by two Allen bolts unbolt it and disconnect the wiring. Clean it with your favourite cleaner eg Gunk then wash then let dry - when dry lightly oil it and refit with new gasket.

While the ICV is drying unbolt the throttle body and disconnect the water hoses, keep the hoses high to minimise water loss. We are now cleaning the pipes.

The pipes to clean are breathers, the first is the one from cam cover to air intake, spray clean with gunk & wasg and let dry you MAY need to clean the whole in the cam cover - if you do be VERY careful, consider removing the cover if blocked and clean the holes properly.

The second goes from the cam cover to the inlet manifold, this can get very blocked I ended up replacing on my 2.0CD, the main
blockage area is the jet into the inlet manifold. Quite often it can be poked clear with a piece of wire (about 1.5 to 2m diameter) if you cannot poke clean remove and use a very small drill, be careful as there are washers which could be easily lost.

Reassembly is in reverse.

The next job is cleaning the trap at the back P side of the engine, this is a pain to remove and refit as it was a post design modification and is basically squashed into position.

Unclip from bottom of trap and from cam cover, clean with Gunk and wash out, let it drip out - will take ages to dry. Refit is reverse of fitting, remember that the pipe must be on one end and the other on car or there will not be enough flexibility to refit.

These jobs should guarantee good idling.

One other mod is obtain a breather trap and fit to the pipe from cam cover to air intake pipe, this is supposed to help a lot with older X20XEVs
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