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Author Topic: Door Card Removal - Facelift  (Read 10818 times)

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Door Card Removal - Facelift
« on: 15 July 2006, 09:52:59 »

Courtesy of Hillper  :)

Car: 2.2CD (2000) facelift. Similar technique applies for other models.

Lever out switch cluster and unplug. Lever out tweeter grill and tweeter and unplug.

Remove screws. One screw on side by lock. Three screws on the bottom. Two screws on the front under covers in the oval shaped area where the dashboard side meets. One screw in the tweeter recess. And......the 'secret screw', the last one, is under a little pop off panel about 40mm square behind the flip down pocket. It's only visible when the pocket is pulled open. The panel levers off easily.

It's easier to get the door card off if you pull off the 'triangle' where the door mirror adjuster would be.
The small triangle on the corner has a full-length lip on the window side.
The easiest method for removing the door triangle is to ease it away from the door metal at the door hinge end, this will release the two white plugs, then slide it towards the rear of the car to unclip the full length lip.
When you do pull it off, you may find you've left one or both white plastic plugs which locate in the door frame. Remove them from the frame and re-insert in the 'triangle' before replacing.
Pull the bottom of the card out about 3 inches and tap the card up from the bottom. The locating strip will pop out of the guide along the door top. Lift card over the lock pin and detach the curb light and speaker plug. The speaker plug is fiddly and requires three hands!

The horizontal, plastic locating strip running along the top of the card often partly breaks off.
Drill several screw holes along the base of the strip still on the card, holding it by hand in position on the card. (You can see the correct position by aligning the strip with the old glue mark). Drill smaller pilot holes through the strip holes and into the cardboardy stuff of the panel. When you've got enough holes (every 25mm), apply Araldite and screw the strip down. Let it dry thoroughly.

Whilst the card is drying, the rattling lock pins can be silenced using small pieces of foam draft strip applied around hole in the door card where the pin comes through and by using the foam strip on the door itself by buiding up several layers behind the door push rod to help reduce the vibration.

It's awkward getting the card back on. Locate card over lockpin. Re-attach speaker plugs, curb light plug tweeter plug and window plug. Pull the door card away from the door a bit at the bottom and knock down on the top of the trim, whilst pushing in at the top, the strip should locate! Refit tweeter and switches.
Last point. Some of the self tappers in the door are different sizes, so remember where
they go!

As a tip, you can leave the window switch in place and connected if only working on the door lock end etc

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Re: Door Card Removal
« Reply #1 on: 31 July 2006, 18:42:37 »

Following pics supplied by Markjay

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