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Author Topic: Hillpers Boot Mod. (facelift cars)  (Read 8161 times)

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Hillpers Boot Mod. (facelift cars)
« on: 10 August 2006, 12:58:10 »

The early facelift Omegas have a very annoying boot release 'feature'.

The boot cannot be 'popped' from the centre console button, unless the engine is off and ignition key removed.

Later facelifts had this feature removed.

To remove it yourself, simply detach the driver kick panel by undoing two Torx screws. (The bottom one is hidden under the sill cover. Lever off the VX logo plate on the sill cover to reveal the 4 Torx screws under it which retain the sill cover).
This reveals the 'Anti theft warning and central door locking control unit'
It has two plugs on its lower edge. A big one and a smaller 12 pin one. (On right in picture).

On the smaller plug, locate the two red wires.

Cut the thinner of the two red wires (Pin 3).

This is the 12v supply from the ignition switch 'W' contact when the key is in the lock. Without this supply, the remote boot release is always enabled.

Tape the bare cut end from the loom. (Shrink tube is better).

The finished result. An action shot of the boot 'popping'.  

Edit. I must add a disclaimer here! There will be no delay on the button activating the lid, so it's possible to accidentally pop it. Especially important for estate owners.
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Re: Hillpers Boot Mod. (facelift cars)
« Reply #1 on: 10 August 2006, 13:16:35 »

I realy need to finish off my leaky cap circuit to disable the opening when the speed signal is changing (and hence the car is moving)


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Re: Hillpers Boot Mod. (facelift cars)
« Reply #2 on: 11 August 2006, 08:44:56 »

Hillper has since discovered that if the doors are locked, the boot will not pop open - so if your doors are locked, you cannot accidentally open boot.
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