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Author Topic: Spark Plug Change for a 2.2 Facelift  (Read 5851 times)

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Spark Plug Change for a 2.2 Facelift
« on: 01 September 2006, 14:29:50 »

How to change the Spark Plugs on a 2.2 Facelift

Warning - do not attempt to change the Spark Plugs when the engine is hot.

Tools Required:

Set of Feeler Guages
Extension Bar
Magnetic Spark Plug Socket (5/8")
Torx Bit (T30)
Rachet Screwdriver (for Torx Bit)
Torque Wrench
Rachet Wrench

Parts Required:

Bosch FLR8LDCU Spark Plugs or GM equivalent.

Torque Settings:

Coil Pack - Nip tight

Sparking Plugs - 25Nm (18.43 ft/lbs) (216.28 in/lbs)

Sparking Plug Gap - 1.0mm

Remove the DisPack Plug by lifting the arrowed release catch and sliding the DisPack towards
the back of the engine.

Picture with DisPack Removed,

You can now slide the Ecotec strip in the direction of the arrow and lift off - do not force, it lifts off easily.

With the Ecotec strip removed, undo the 2 Coil Pack bolts arrowed, using the Torx Bit.

Ease out the Coil Pack exposing the plug wells (arrowed).

Using the Plug Socket, Extension Bar and Rachet Wrench, remove each plug.

Check the plug gap between the electrode an the contacts - arrowed (it should be 1.00mm)
adjust as nescessary.

Insert each new spark plug into each plug well, locate thread using socket and extension bar,
turning by hand - do not use a wrench at this stage.

Once you are sure each plug is located into it's thread, tighten with the torque wrench to 25 Nm.

Replace the coil pack, firmly clippling it onto each plug, and tighten down, nip tight (do not overtighten).

Slide the Ecotec stip back onto the top of the engine, and re-engage the DisPack until you hear it
click back into place.

Job done!
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