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Author Topic: Cleaning and testing a hydraulic lifter  (Read 5935 times)

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Cleaning and testing a hydraulic lifter
« on: 09 November 2006, 13:53:00 »

The Vx power units used in the Omega all make use of hydraulic followers in the valve train. This removes the need for adjustment or re-shimming of the valve gear and maintains a nice quiet setup.

These work by storing pressurised oil which is used to remove the clearance between the cam and valve top and as such can become noisy if oil change intervals are ignored and/or they leak down (the small valves can get grit in them causing them to leak or the internal springs can break).

If these are removed, its well worth giving them a bit of a clean and check which is reasonably easy to do.

Place the follower in a vice with the flat side placed on one jaw (protecting it from the jaw with a rag or similar) and use a suitable drift between the bullet type piston on/in the bottom and the opposite jaw, slowly wind the vice in. This will expel oil from the small vent hole in the side (it will be black and gunky) and will need repeating a few times to get it all out.

When complete you should be able to press the piston down with your finger and it should return to its original position, if it doesn't, the internal spring is broken and the follower will require replacing.

Next place the follower in clean oil and pump the piston until no air appears from the vent hole.

You can repeat the above again if you wish to flush the follower out further (optional).

When re-fitted, the engine will tap for about 5-10 minutes as the followers all pump up with oil again.
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