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Author Topic: Front Disc Change - WIP  (Read 7856 times)

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Front Disc Change - WIP
« on: 18 February 2007, 13:26:47 »

Parts Required:
Disc/Pad set - Vx Part number:
Pad wear sensor(s) (model/age dependent)

Chock rear wheels, and jack up one front corner with wheel removed.

Remove both bolts (13mm) holding caliper to caliper mounting bracket, and tie the caliper up to prevent straining of hoses...

Undo the 2 bolts (18mm) that holds the caliper mounting bracket to the hub.

Undo the allen bolt, and remove disc (may need to tap with mallet to remove - this one came off easily by hand).

Clean up the hub, paying particular attention to hub/disc mating surface...

Degrease new disc...

and fit. Refit allen screw.

Refit caliper mounting bracket, doing the 18mm bolts to 95Nm then angle tighten 30 degrees...

Refit top caliper guide bolt (13mm) to 30Nm

Push caliper cylinder in enough to allow new pads to fit, refit pads (and sensor if applicable), and fit bottom guide bolt.

Repeat on other side.
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