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Author Topic: How to fit aftermarket rear parking sensors  (Read 5756 times)

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How to fit aftermarket rear parking sensors
« on: 28 February 2007, 11:52:56 »

OK quick mini how-to, just fitted mine this afternoon. Apologies for the crap phone pics, battery was flat on my proper camera.

First thing is to drill the holes. I didn't bother with any photos with this part, as I assume that you know how to use a drill, and that you have the appropriate size hole-saw bit for your sensors (decent kits will come with the required bit). Other than that it's just a case of deciding where to drill, which is really personal choice on the pre-facelift as there were no factory fit units to my knowledge.

Once you've drilled the holes, push the wires through and you'll discover there's very little at the back of the bumper on pre-facelift models! This makes it pretty easy to get the other end of the wires, they should drop down below the car. If you look up behind the bumper from below you should see a large metal panel thing that stops you reaching the rear of the senors directly, but there's plenty of room for the wire to come down. For the outer two sensors I found it easier to push a rigid piece of wire through first then use that to pull through the sensor wires.

Take out the spare wheel trim and wheel itself. Next remove the plastic trim from the inside of the boot lip. I didn't remove it completely as it's enough to get at it from the left, hinging it back (see pic). This involves 4 torx screws and some crappy plastic screw/clip things - all are pretty obvious.

You'll notice in here there's a rubber grommet in one of the holes in the metal - this contains the wiring for the number plate light and is ideal for running the sensor wires through. Pull the grommet out, then you should be able to push the sensor wires through the hole from underneath, it's quite easily accessible. Make sure the wires are routed in such a way that they're not likely to chaffe on that big metal panel behind the bumper. You should also make sure there's only a little slack once the wires are routed through the grommet for this reason.

Once all the wires are going into the boot, cut an extra hole in the centre of the grommet just big enough to get your sensor wires (and connector) through. Then pull the wires through the grommet, allowing you to put the grommet back in the hole it came from. If you make the extra hole a bit too big you may want to seal it with silicone. Mine was still quite tight fitting so should be fine.

Then it's just a case of routing the wires around the back of the spare wheel area, and getting a feed from the reverse light and a ground feed. You'll get the reverse feed from a white/black wire (on my car at least - might not be the same on all so have a look at the reverse light connector to be sure and test with a meter). This is most easily found by following the loom going to the boot lid where it joins the rest of the loom. Here all the individual wires can be seen so you can easily isolate the white/black and solder (yes solder, no bloody scotchloks!) your reverse wire to that.

I got a ground wire from the earth point just below the lights at the rear of the car. You can also take one from the loom (usually brown wires are earth) but I had plenty of slack in my wiring so used this:

Then just route the sensor wires and power wires together with the car's existing loom along the inside top of the rear wing, cable tying them in place.

Route the wires round the back of that metal panel just behind where the spare wheel goes. It's shown below, you can see my wires going behind the panel. This is where I mounted my control unit.

For the speaker I placed it behind the side bolster in the left-rear passenger seat. It's very easy to get into the boot from

there and the bolster just pulls off. Fold down the rear seats and you'll see right into the boot allowing it to be done very

easily. In the pic below originally I had the wire going through the big hole in the boot, but when I removed the bolster I

discovered the holes in there which are much more suitable.

That's you - job done! Time to test it works OK then put everything back together in reverse order (just like Haynes always

says). The finished article:

You can hardly see them because I painted them, but it works a treat. I recommend turning the key to 2 and putting it into

reverse while there's nothing behind the car (so the sensors shouldn't detect anything). Then place something behind each

sensor individually to make sure each one works. Use something small enough that it doesn't trip the other sensors though!

Good luck

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