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Author Topic: Changing radio display digits  (Read 7053 times)

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Changing radio display digits
« on: 16 April 2007, 20:58:36 »

For CAR400/CCR600/CCR800 range of radios, it is possible that it may be configured for the wrong number of digits for the display.

Some displays, earlier MIDs for example, have 8 digits, later ones have 10.  The radio needs to be configured for this.

For change the setting:
Ignition on, radio off.
Press and hold 4 & 6 and keep held.
Switch on radio, and use the < > buttons to select the number of digits *.  Each press of < or > should give a beep.
Release 4 & 6 to store.

* You may not be able to read display, but it toggles through 8 digit/10 digit or 8 digit/2+8 digit/10 digit depending on actual hardware/software.
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