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Author Topic: How to: change the fuel filter on a petrol estate  (Read 7207 times)

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How to: change the fuel filter on a petrol estate
« on: 22 April 2007, 23:02:03 »

... as recently requested ... this was done on a 52-reg 3.2 estate, but should be very similar for other petrol engined models.

Parts required:

1 x Fuel filter (P/N 25313359)
2 x fuel filter clips (P/N 90542453)
1 x set of fuel clip (or hose clip) pliers

Having done changed the fuel filter on a saloon (which was easy), the filter on the estate is not as easy to do, due to its' location. It sits in front of the fuel tank, roughly in the middle of the car left to right.

To start with - park the car on a level surface and chock the front wheels. Start the engine, then with it running remove fuse 18 (20 Amps - yellow), after a couple of seconds the engine should die - this helps to drain the fuel lines. I then jacked the rear nearside of car up, supported it with an axle stand and removed the offside rear wheel as that's how you get to the filter on a saloon. In retrospect you probably don't need to do this but it does make getting under the car & back out again easier ... do make sure to rock the car so as to ensure it is safe as you will be getting underneath.

I would advise wearing goggles all the time you are under the car, as during removal of the filter you tend to get covered in caked on mud !!

I found the easiest way to get to the filter is not from the side - but from the back of the car - slide in and if you look up at the centre of the car as you slide under, just after the petrol tank but before the diff, you will see the filter - mine was well plastered ...

with the saloon I was able to remove the clips fairly easily, however with the estate you can't drop the filter right down to get good access. I did manage to remove the clips using a pair of hose clip pliers:

- but a set of the proper filter pliers would probably make it easier.

Unclip the strap that holds the filter and drop it down slightly. You should be able to see a label on it, with an arrow giving the fuel flow direction. Essentially you need to press in at both clips at the sides of the connector whilst pulling the connector off the filter. Sounds easy but again, due to the access, it can take a while and is a bit fiddly. If you are careful and do this at arms' length, you shouldn't get an eyeful of petrol either!

Remove the fuel line at the top end of the filter first - ie, the one nearest the front of the car and the top of the filter (using the arrow marked on it). This will have less fuel, you should then be able to angle the filter downwards and drain the fuel out of it into a suitable container. Then remove the other fuel line.

Fit the new fuel filter clips into the ends of the fuel lines - they should click into place - then fit the new filter into the fuel lines, making sure that the fuel flow direction marked on the filter is the same as on the original. It should point towards the front of the car. Then tighten the strap which holds the filter in place. Look for any leaks, there shouldn't be any if the clips have been clicked into place onto the fuel lines and filter.

Then refit fuse 18, start the car (it will take a couple of seconds' cranking), run for a few seconds, then re-check the filter to make sure there are no leaks.

If all is OK, refit the nearside rear roadwheel and lower the car back to the ground. Using the hose clip pliers, I managed to remove the old filter without damaging the clips, but given that they are cheap (approx. 60p each) it's worth replacing them anyway - no clips = no fuel filter = no car  :'(

my original filter (with its' clips) looked like this after removal:

then pat yourself on the back for a job well done and wash all the mud off your face  :y
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