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Author Topic: Cam Cover Replacement on a 2.0ltr  (Read 5574 times)

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Cam Cover Replacement on a 2.0ltr
« on: 29 May 2007, 19:32:43 »

When replacing the cam cover gaskets on a 2.0ltr x20xev engine you must make sure that you have the following tools.

1. Ratchet and exstention bar.
2. 10 mm socket/spanner and allen key's or allen key socket's.
3. Screwdriver or mole grip's.
4. new gasket.
5. Gasket sealer.
6. cleaning rags.
7. Spark plug socket.
8. 13 mm socket.

Once you have got these item's then you can proceed.

1. Undo the 10 mm bolt that holds the loom that sits on the cambelt cover and move forward.
2. Remove the allen key bolts that hold the plug lead cover and remove.
3. Remove the plug leads (noting the correct order) and put to one side.
4. Remove all breather hoses from camshaft cover.
5. Remove the breather hose from the breather pipe from the top right hand corner of the cover.
6. Inspect this metal breather pipe for clogging of any contamination. if contamination present then from underneath the car undo and remove the breather pipe from the main block. Once removed you must clean thoroughly to unblock contamination. Once this is done then replace but add a smear of gasket sealant to breather and replace. Do up the two bolts until tight.
7. Once all hoses are removed then proceed to undoing and remove the camshaft cover.
8. Check all plug holes for oil. If oil present remove the plugs with the spark plug socket. Don't worry if the oil drain's down into the piston chamber's as this will burn off when you start the car and you will see blue smoke coming from the exhaust. This does not damage the engine or cat.
9. Clean all mating surface's of the cylinder head.
10. Remove the old gasket and clean the cover.
11. At this point you can, once clean, fit teh new gasket and O rings into the cam cover grooves.
12. Now apply the gasket sealent to the base of the cam caps and the corners of the rear half moon machinings, basicaly every where the rubber gasket has to pass through a 90 deg bend (see V6 guide for further clarification as to where to apply the goo)
13. Now you are ready to start replacing the camshaft cover onto the head. When bolting the cover back on to the head remember to do the bolts up in a clockwise rotation this will allow the cover and the sealent to bolt evenly.

After you have replaced the camshaft cover the fiting of everything else is the reverse of removing. Remember to make sure that all hoses are clear from any form of blockage when putting back on.

If you have this when removing the cam cover then refer to item No.8

Or like this

If you have this problem with the metal breather pipe then refer to item No.6

I hope this helps out members with 2.0ltr engines.
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