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Author Topic: VERY USEFUL ENGINE PICS  (Read 16006 times)

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« on: 13 June 2007, 08:32:27 »

Feel free to copy and use as you wish

This is the infamous b@stard bolt. Looking from the passenger side of the engine this bolt secures the thermostat housing extension tube to the block. Clearly, not the easiets of things to access but if you have the time, syphon out the PAS reservoir with a syringe (available from your local pharmacy) and then remove the PAS flexible pipe in the pic. You WILL have some small spillage of PAS fluid, so have some rags in place. This will improve access a lot. It can be done without removing that pipe.

This is the heater bypass valve, looking from the bulkhead towards the front of the car, so this is obviously the back of the engine.  The valve should be up slightly if it has its clip still, in which case it clips onto the metal bracket by the crankcase ventillation housing on the rear drivers side of the engine (right in thsi pic).

A general view of the rear of the engine. You can see the HBV here too, biut also to the left you can just about see the DIS pack (if yours is mounted flat like this). Also note the large connector in the centre of the pic, this is the fuel injector rail connector. Above that is a smaller connector which is the cran sensor connector.
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