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Author Topic: How to clean the EGR on 2.2i  (Read 7669 times)

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How to clean the EGR on 2.2i
« on: 18 June 2007, 17:27:44 »

Copied over a post by Mbraz.

Finally I managed to clean the EGR. I do not know if it is in interest of anyone, but I thought I post my experience and the steps how to clean the EGR on a 2.2 petrol Omega. The EGR valve is located on the right side of the engine (if you are facing with the car) at the back of the engine (close to the passanger area above the exhaust manifold). It is fixed by two torx bolts. Only try to disassemble it if the engine is cold!!! The steps for disassembling are the following ones:

1. Remove the connector of the ignition module (connector at the back of the engine at the end of the black cover with the ECOTEC writing)  

2. Remove the igniton module cover by pushing it backwards (black plastic with ECOTEC sign)

3. Remove the ignition module itself (two torx bolts)

4. The EGR can be seen at the back of the enigine on the right side (black round box with a connector at the top)

5. Remove the connector of the EGR and move the leads out of the way

6. Now this is the hard part, the EGR is fixed by two torx bolts, one of them is locted at the right side, the other one is behind the EGR - very hard to reach (I used WD40 to loosen the bolts, it helped)

7. Remove the two bolts and then you should be able to remove the EGR, be careful not to loose the gasket.

8. Clean the EGR (with degreaser) - Note: MarksDTM recommends paint stripper.

9. And now just put it together following the steps above it the other way around.

10. Job is done.
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