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Author Topic: Autobox - THE dreaded thrust washer explained  (Read 9556 times)

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Autobox - THE dreaded thrust washer explained
« on: 29 June 2007, 19:42:51 »

bumble bee box is assembled enough for me to tear it apart to shoe you how easy it is to fix the thrust washer problem step 1 you must keep the box vertical or you will have BIG!! problems

Step 2
remove the o ring from the groove where the arrow points
then loosen the 5 inner bolts but do not remove
remove the five outer bolts completely(centre oil seal missing but does not need to be removed)

Step 3
remove the bellhousing with the oil pump which is held by the five inner bolts, making sure that the centre spindle an the black part of the housing stay put

Step 4
this is the place where the thrust washer usually sits if you are incredibly lucky it wont be damaged,if it is it will need to be machined flat

Step 5
this  is the sonnax replacement thrust washer fitted in place with vaseline, note the large o ring around the pump

Step 6
this is the crappy oem plastic poc.

Step 7
if you were unlucky,and lets face it if your doing this you were,split the pump from the bell housing by removing the five inner bolts

Step 8
this is view showing the paper gasket on the outside surface  and the face in the middle that the thrust washer sits against

Step 9
take the plate of the front of the pump the arrow shows where to grip the pump to reface the thrust washer surface

Step 10
top arrow shows the path taken by broken rthrust washer to reach the sump,bottom arrow shows the reverse face of pump when reassembled

Step 11
reassemble by bolting oil pump back to bellhousing but do not tighten at this stage,attach sonnax thrust washer to pump by smaring with vaseline,refit or replace o ring and paper gasket,gently lower whole assembly back onto gearbox.torque outer  five bolts to  29 ft lbs nip up inner five bolts.check for end flloat on inner shaft it must be between .004 .032 or for you youngsters .1 .8 mm.correct end float by adding packing washers under the sonnax washer (supplied in kit and yes that does mean you have to take it apart again)when correct finally torque inner bolts to 14 ft ibs outer 29 ftlbs.replace o ring onto main shaft(pic 2)refit tranny into car.THE END
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