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Author Topic: How to disconnect heater hoses  (Read 8958 times)

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How to disconnect heater hoses
« on: 31 July 2007, 15:10:35 »

The photo should help you understand what is lurking in the hard-to-reach corner of your engine bay.

To remove a connector:
       Press-in the latch and pull the locking ring back towards you ( the pic shows the locking ring in the fully-back position).
       Twist the whole connector assembly to un-stick the internal seals from the heater.
       Pull the connector and hose off the heater.

To replace a connector:
       Apply universal lubricant (spit) to the metal heater pipe.
       Push the connector onto the pipe and make sure it is fully home.
       Slide the locking ring away from you until it clicks into place. (if the locking ring wont move you probably havnt pushed the connector onto the heater pipe fully).
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