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Author Topic: How to Replace Corroded Fuel Pump Cover Plate  (Read 6994 times)

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How to Replace Corroded Fuel Pump Cover Plate
« on: 02 August 2007, 15:44:08 »

Have now replaced my corroded Fuel Pump Cover Plate, so I took a few pics
to help anyone who has to do the same. I'll let the Forum Moderator move
it to the 'How To' section if he/she regards it as relevant to that section.

Safety Precautions:
The pump will run with the ignition on, the engine does not need to be running,
so remove the Fuel Pump fuse and/or ensure you remove the Electric Connection
to the Pump Plate first and refit it last after reconnecting everything else.

You'll be hanging over an open fuel tank and subject to fumes. So work in
a well ventilated area, do not smoke and take frequent breaks for a few
lung fulls of fresh air! ;)

Tools are minimal.
Crosshead (Phillips Type) Screwdriver.
Small Flat Screwdriver.
Large Flat Screwdriver.
Fuel Clip removal Pliers, or a thin 'Podger' if you replace them with
adjustable clips as I did.

Vauxhall part is : 9128199 - Plug, Expansion, with fuel feed and return connectors, at around 35 plus vat.

Roll up Boot carpet.
Remove the 4 screws and boot access cover plate.

Remove the Electric Connector. Lift up the black locking clip first as highlighted in pic
Remove the 2 Fuel pipe clips and slide back the rubber fuel pipes clear of the cover.
Protect Fuel lines to prevent foreign ingress. I used a couple of clear plastic bags
with bread bag ties.

Use a hammer and a large Blunt(ish) screwdriver to loosen the large black plastic
locking ring anti-clockwise, until you can unscew it by hand.
Picture follows showing the locking ring removed.

Lift up the Pump Plate Cover and it will look like this.

Remove the 2 Electric connections. You will have to lift the small white locking clips under each
connector to enable you to slide out the connections. These Pic show what I mean on the new cover.

Remove the 2 pipe clips on the underside of the plate and slide the rubber hose off the pipes.
The Corroded Plate can now be removed and will look like the next pic.
Pic of the new one follows it.

If you are not refitting your new plate now, ensure that you cover the tank entry point to ensure
no foreign ingress to the tank and to stop filling your car with petrol fumes and turning it into a
Molatov Cocktail :o

When ready, reverse the above procedure to refit your new plate.
Fit the external electric connector last of all and/or replace your fuel pump fuse.

Switch on ignition and check for leaks. When happy, start and run engine.

Refit Boot Access Plate and carpet.

Job's a 'goodun'

Hope that helps.
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