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Author Topic: Rear Bumper removal How To  (Read 4451 times)

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Rear Bumper removal How To
« on: 21 October 2007, 15:18:34 »

I have checked and there isn't a how to on this topic. Some of us owners at some point may need to remove the rear bumper for one reason or another, i.e, Some dosey plonker has hit the rear end of the car and damaged the bumper so you will need to remove it for a closer inspection of any damage that has been caused, or you may need to do some touching up. So here goes with a little how to help on this matter.

The procedure is of a simple one so should only take approx 10 mins to remove.

1). Firstly no need to jack up the car.

2). The only tools required are a philips screw driver (chubby) and torx sockets.

3). Get you chubby philips screwdriver and remove the two screw's from inside the rear O/s and N.s wheel arch.

4). You will also find two further screw's on the innerside of the wheel arch at the back of the bumper. Just behind the lower part of the wheel arch on both side's. (one on either side)

5). Just under the rear of the car you will find Three plastic trim pins. The centre of these pins will need to be pushed through to allow the pins to be removed.

6). Once these scew's and pins have been removed then you are able to remove the four torx screw's which will enable you to remove the bumper. At this point you will need to open the boot (if not already open). You will find that the screw's have blanking plates over them so need to remove these and they will reveal the screw's. Undo all four of them and withdraw the bumper from the car. Due to traditional Haynes manual termanoligy The fitting is the reversal of the removal. Take note that when refitting the screw's and torx screw's it might be worth smearing some copper grease over the threads.

I do appologise for the last picture but you can just make out the torx screw.
I hope this helps some of you members. The front bumper is almost the same except for you will need to remove the headlight trims,the front grill (prefaclift models only). To gain acces to the screws in the wheel arch you can turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction.
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