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Author Topic: Aircon working only one side - how I cured it!  (Read 10359 times)

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Aircon working only one side - how I cured it!
« on: 02 December 2007, 17:23:27 »

I've had freezing air stuck on on the left side of my aircon and no control over it at all.  Following some very kind tips from other members I've managed to fix it.
Below are a few tips that I learnt during the process and I hope this may be of help to someone with similar problems (these tips are from working on a 2001 facelift 2.5 v6 auto saloon. If you have a different model they may not apply fully - not sure!).

What you'll need: Torch, flat blade screwdriver, 'star' or 'security' screwdriver/bits, lots of determination and patience, and 1 to 2 hours to complete it (I have bad arthritis in my hands so you may be able to do it much quicker!).
1) Push the front passenger seat all the way back and recline it fully (you'll be working with your feet in the back of the car and your head in the footwell so you'll need loads of room).
2) Remove the piece of black trim that lies under the glovebox - it's held on with 3 plastic screws (flat blade) which only need to be turned half a turn - the trim is just clipped on at the back and can be pulled out once those 3 screws are undone.
3) The end of the centre consol can be eased up gently and lifted away from its bracket - DON'T pull it too far out as it will break easily (you can place a hammer or something similar behind it to keep it out of the way by a few inches).
4) You'll need a torch to see properly, but you'll find the motor on the right side of the passenger footwell just above the end of the centre consol - look for a black plactic 'cap' about 1.5 inches in diameter with an electric connector joined to it on the bottom right as you look at it - This black cover can be gently prised off with a screwdriver to reveal the silver-coloured motor beneath.
5) Push your finger down behind the back of the motor and you'll find/see the plastic arm travelling down behind it from way above - check to see if you can move it around freely - if so it's probably come off the motor.
6) I removed the 'star' screws (sometimes known as security screws) holding it on to ease the motor away and give a bit more room. I had to buy a screwdriver set from Focus DIY (£4.18 I think) as I didn't have one with star bits- you'll need one if you want to remove it! Once I'd had a look behind it to see where the arm had to go I screwed it back on but left it slightly loose to give a bit more room to work.
7) I found that when the engine/aircon are turned off the spindle (to which you attach the arm) is at the bottom of the back of the motor - so I had the engine running and aircon on - which meant the motor turned and bought the spindle up to the top of the back of the motor - easier to get to. Be very careful careful that you don't knock the car into gear doing this as it could be dangerous - mine's an auto).
8) After a lot of attempts I got the arm to pop back onto the spindle but it didn't have a solid 'click' as it went back on - so it may be worn and may come off again.  Someone had already had the motor off before me as there was one screw missing.
9) I tested it out and the hot air came blasting through as it should! I then fully tightened the motor down. It looks to me as though there is a small slot in the plastic cover where the arm should go through during manufacture - so don't force the cover back on all the way when you've finished as you may knock the arm off again - and have to start from scratch!
10) Reassemble in reverse order and hopefully it's job done!  I was quoted upto £900 at my local Vauxhall dealership and I cured it for under £5!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best of luck and I hope this helps.
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