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Author Topic: How2 Convert your oil filter  (Read 9944 times)

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How2 Convert your oil filter
« on: 27 February 2008, 19:57:12 »

How2 to convert your old metal element oil filter, to a new spin on type.

Why would you want/need to do this?

The numpties at the garage that did the last service used an impact wrench to put it on, and you break it trying to get it off.  >:(

You can't get the top off at all and you resort to cutting it off!   >:(

(see above)

And VX want to charge you nearly 200 for a new housing!   >:(

This is the metal housing the element filter sits in. The housing is attatched to the block via a hollow bolt inside, and should be torqued up at 45Nm. The cap should be torqued up at 15Nm.

So you find yourself in a pickle, because some part of the housing is damaged, and being frugal you don't wish to part with a shed load of cash, what do you do?

firstly you arm yourself with the above parts.

1x Standard spin on Omega filter
1x Connector, oil  PN  90412159 (12.15 + vat 07/2010)
1X Bottle Permanant studlock

Proceed to remove the damaged part, using you favourite method, cap takes a 24mm socket and the bolt inside takes either a 27mm socket or a 12mm hex drive to get the centre nut out of the base of the canister. (best have your favourite oily rag handy  :y )

Once removed, thoroughly clean the area, including the threads in the block.

Apply some studlock to the threads in the block, grasp your connector firmly  ;)  (doesn't matter which end) and apply some studlock to that as well

Insert conector into block

Now, put some oil in the filter, and some round the rubber seal and spin on your new filter, no nut on the end of these, but you've done enough of these to know when its seated properly  ;)

Now pat youself on the back for a job well done   :y

  :y  Next time you do an oil change, you will be able to get your filter off no problem

 :y :y :y
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