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Author Topic: How to clean out your scuttle drain.  (Read 8137 times)

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How to clean out your scuttle drain.
« on: 23 March 2008, 15:52:40 »

Job Difficulty rating: 1/5
Its realitively easy to complete the skinnier your arms the better.

You will know if your scuttle is badly bloked as its common for water to end up in the passenger side foot well.

Mine showed below was badly bloked.

First you will need to remove the pollen filter to enable you to have space to access the drian.
(picture to follow)

Once you have removed it. you may find that you are presented with the following:

The easyest way to get the water out is to use a peice of hose and suck it out.

Ok so now you need to get your arm in there mine only just fitted. to remove all the dead rottingleaves

Now you need to run some clean water through the scuttle to wash it out and ensure that it is free following out of the scuttle

NOTE: the scuttle is the hole behind the loom on the 2.0ltr.
And there you go one cleaned out free draining scuttle! :y

I would check this on a regular basis as the last thing you want to be doing is trying to dry out you passenger foot well like i had to do.

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