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Author Topic: HOW TO: Remove / replace the centre console trim  (Read 7048 times)

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HOW TO: Remove / replace the centre console trim
« on: 04 June 2008, 08:02:47 »

Step 1

Lift out the rubber cup holder and the handbrake gaiter

Step 2

Slide both front seats right forward and undo these bolts

Step 3

In the place where the rubber cup holder was undo these 2 bolts

Step 4

Lift out (up and backwards) the central arm rest

Step 5

Undo these screws and then lift out the rubberised slotted cover that usually clamps the handbrake gaiter

Step 6

Now you have removed the rubberised handbrake gaiter clampy bit you'll see 2 more bolts; undo these

Step 7

Gently prise the gearshift gaiter out and then prise up the plastic surround that contains the gear indicator lights. You will not have to disconnect the wires as the console trim will eventually lift over all of this.

Then undo the screws as indicated in the picture below and then slide the, now free, trim forward slightly.

Step 8

The wooden trim now having been moved forward should expose these 2 bolts; undo them

Once you have all of this undone you will find that you can (with some force) manage to start to move the whole central console back in the car by about an inch. Once you have done this you should find you can lift the trim out.

Replacement is the reverse.

Hope that helps ;y
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