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Author Topic: 2.2 Replacing Cam Cover Gasket  (Read 8275 times)

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2.2 Replacing Cam Cover Gasket
« on: 26 October 2008, 12:29:36 »

Car Shown - 2000 2.2 CD Manual

Parts Needed (Trade Club Prices shown with VAT on 25/10/2008):

90528438 / O-ring gaskets x 10 @ 0.19p each
55558349 / Cam Cover Gasket x 1 @ 15.50
90485251 / Black Cam cover sealant x 1 @ 3.64

Tin of Carb cleaner

Tools Needed

Allen keys, or allen sockets (forget the size) Maybe torx, depends on model year.
mole grips
small flat head screwdriver
7mm socket* used for throttle bod intake removal, not really needed, just gives more space.


This is the main view of the 2.2 cam cover, all the items in red have to be disconnected. (3 breather pipes, coil pack loom connector, cam sensor, cam belt cover and wire (these 2 just need to be slightly pulled back)

As you can see i have taken off the intake to the throttle body, its not really needed, however i felt i gave me more space.

Next off is the breather pipe at the back, often this is missed for cleaning on oil changes, its most likely never been off before. Its a good idea to give this a blast with WD40 10 mins before, to make things easier.

Disconnect the coil pack connector at the back of the ecotec cover, also release the cam sensor, good idea to use a small flat head screwdriver on the cam sensor as its a bit fiddly. Slide the ecotec cover back and lift off, take out the torx bolts for the coil pack, not sure what size these are i just used the tiny set from the halfords pack.

Now you can see the coil pack is removed (it just lifts out)

Next just move this wire out of the way, lift the side of the cambelt cover, so its no longer hooked on to the cam cover.

Finally take the cam cover bolts out, mine were allen keyed but some seam to be torx (post 2001)

Now just lift the cam cover off, i found the best way was to grab the big breather pipe at the back and pull...

the cams are revealed...

Mine was a bit dirty so i gave it a clean.

Next the replacement parts!

Pop out the old o-rings with a small flat head screwdriver.

Rip out the old hard gasket and put in the nice new soft one. I found the best way to start was with the half moons, as they slot in nicely and hold well as you move around the cover.

Put some black sealant on the front 2 arches **See post below**

and on the back two

Thats is, now just put the cam cover on, and re-assemble. Be carefull and make sure it seals at the back, i put the rear on first, once all on put your hand down the back and feel to make sure its sqaushed right, you should feel a bit of the half moon rubber bits on the back of the cover.

Torque up the cam cover bolts to 8Nm, but i worked around slowly, nipped each up at a time.

Reassemble, job done.

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Re: 2.2 Replacing Cam Cover Gasket
« Reply #1 on: 26 October 2008, 13:10:12 »

I would suggest black sealant just at the corners of the front cams covers, not all over the arch.
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